EEL-S4-00000001 Plug and Play Battery Powered Controller for 1-4 actuators

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  • Electric linear actuator controller
  • Individual or synchronous operation for 1-4 actuators
  • Battery powered for mobile use
  • 24VDC NiMh battery
  • Customizable colors and foil design
  • Wired handset
  • Supply: 24VDC NiMH or Li-Ion battery
  • Idle current: 5mA
  • Current limit: 8A/ch max. total 12A
  • Ramps 0-3 sec
  • Connector type Molex Mini-Fit 6 pin
  • Adjustable current limit in and out
  • Adjustable calibration speed and current
  • Adjustable virtual min/max-position

View datasheet here: datasheet

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