FMR-70S-403, Torque: 4Nm, Weight: 830g, Damping direction: Both

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The FMR-70S-403 MRF damper by Bansbach uses magneto-rheological fluid which can go from a free moving liquid to semi-solid state in an instant. This gives you full control of damping torque with excellent response time.


  • Torque Electrically controlled by using MR fluid (magnetic-rheological fluid)
  • Eexcellent response due to fast electric operation
  • Flexible mounting in any direction
  • No pre-conditioning required.
  • Small differences between the static friction and dynamic friction allows for smooth actuation.
  • Sealing structure produces a long service life.
  • Seamless & stepless torque control.
  • Low susceptibility of temperature affect.
  • Low susceptibility of rotational speed affect.


  • Rated Torque: 4Nm
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Current: 0.13A
  • Maximum Speed: 50RPM
  • Damping Direction: Both
  • Mass: 830g
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