FRT-E9-400 G2, Torque: 40gf/cm, Weight: 0.41g, Damping direction: Both

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FRT-E9-400 G2
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  • Main Body Diameter: 10mm
  • Main body height: 2.5mm
  • Mounting plate length: 16.5mm
  • Mounting plate width: 5mm
  • Mounting hole diameter 2.1mm
  • Torque: 40gf/cm
  • Max rotation speed: 50rpm
  • Max cycle rate: 10 cycles/min
  • Operating temp: 0 - 50°C
  • Weight: 0.41g
  • Gear type: Involute spur
  • Gear module: 0.6mm
  • Gear pressure angle: 20°
  • Gear pitch circle diameter: 6.6mm
  • Number of teeth: 11
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